We Chose FCS Twice

Keith and Keri Izadi and their three children are loving the experience they are having at FCS. The school provides exactly the kind of education they want for their children. In a recent interview, they shared their involvement with the school.

The family first encountered FCS when they lived in Stafford. Their previous enrollment
with private schools before coming to Virginia left them looking for education that really
integrated Christian values into the educational experience. Their realtor suggested that
they visit the Stafford Campus, which is conveniently located right off 610. After taking
the tour, they were convinced that this was just the right kind of educational environment
they wanted for their children.

Beginning with the Stafford Campus preschool, Bella, who is now in 6th grade, began an
educational journey that siblings Luca (now in 4th grade) and Mia (currently in
Kindergarten) have continued. While the Stafford Campus may not be familiar to some,
the Izadis describe their experience with the incredible faculty and staff there as, “stellar.”
When the family moved from Stafford to Fredericksburg, rather than looking at other
school options, their experience with the Stafford Campus convinced them that FCS was
still the right choice for their children. They chose FCS twice, once in Stafford and again
in Fredericksburg.

Now attending the Fredericksburg location, which is near their new home, the family has
found that the structure of the school and its staff has encouraged them to be involved
parents, even in the midst of the their busy professional schedule. They own and operate
Fredericksburg Implant and Oral Surgery Associates, and like many other families in the
region, time is a precious commodity.

Teachers are outstanding.

Of course, it is the staff and teachers that make a school’s philosophy practical. The
teachers have made a huge impression on this family, because they “truly love and
emotionally engage with the children.” In their perspective, it is this genuine involvement
in the growth and character of children that makes the difference. They credit the
teachers as “real servants”, who live out what it means to be excellent in all that they do.

Since children grow up a little bit at a time, educators that partner with families in the
development of their children have to be committed to nurturing educational skills,
character development, and in the case of FCS, a child’s genuine faith. The Izadi’s have
“never seen an educational environment” like FCS for these exact reasons. It is a place
where children are nurtured as individuals within a supportive social environment; where
social intelligence is not an abstract, but part of the maturing process as children grow in
their abilities to learn, play, and work alongside all types of other classmates.

The top three dreams the Izadi’s have for their children are: first, to be committed
followers of Jesus; second, to become leaders; and third, to have personal confidence to
live out their values as they move into college, work, and family life. All of these
priorities are supported through their involvement with the school.

One great example of these priorities in action can be seen in chapel services, where
various classrooms of children take turns providing leadership for the chapels. Children
develop leadership skills, and parents are welcome to attend — and do so often.
“You can also see leadership and character in school sporting events too. They begin
with prayer, and then the team play is characterized by integrity.”

The challenge of transition between schools.

Parents often worry about the challenges their family can face as their children progress
through school and the transitions between schools — moving from preschool to
kindergarten, and then from elementary to middle school and upper school. In their
words, the transitions for all three of their children have been “very smooth…a natural
progression from pre-K to Kindergarten.” And now, with their oldest in 6th grade, they
have experienced the same kind of seamless progress from elementary to middle school.

If you described a typical fourth grade classroom, few parents would be able to share
what the Izadi’s say about FCS, “the class demonstrates such a sweet attitude as a group.”
That is the kind of experience that creates lasting memories, and something very different
than what is often the case in other schools.

They’ve also discovered that their children have made friends easily, even with the
transition between Stafford and Fredericksburg campus locations.

Looking at the evidence– We chose FCS.

When asked about what other parents’ should be considering as they think about the right
school for their children, the Izadis (in good medical form) suggested they take a look at
the evidence. Parents should investigate these four areas:

> Review the average SAT scores coming out of FCS, they are outstanding.

> Throughout the campus, its classroom, and events, you will see consistent
evidence of integrity.

> Zero bullying is not just a policy, it is the reality, as teachers work to build
character rather than leave children to their own devices in the school

> Class size — an average class size of 18 makes a big difference in both academics
and positive learning environment.

If you sum up their thoughts and feelings about FCS, Keith and Keri Izadi simply say that
the school lines up with the hopes and dreams that they have for their children,
supporting their values and providing a place where children can reach their potential. In
addition to developing excellent academic habits and skills, in the words of one of the
family’s favorite teachers, they “get a little bit of Jesus every day,” and the Izadi’s
“wouldn’t have it any other way.”