Family Anchors: Dinnertime

Some of my favorite childhood memories happened around the dinner table.

Without dinnertime, I would have spent the whole day in my own world, with no one to share in my experiences.

Do you remember all the funny stories your Dad would share about what happened at work that day? Or hearing about the activities that filled the days of siblings or the sad news that was brought to the table about the sweet couple down the street?

So much love, connection, and support from family is delivered at the dinner table.

Times have changed. Everyone is time-crunched. There are meetings, kids’ activities, homework, or another email that must be answered today.

If we do not set time aside for family—purposefully—it will not happen. Not because it is not important, and not because we don’t have the best of intentions. It is simply the nature of life.

Getting back to the dinner table, even once or twice a week, means getting back to family. Sit down together. Pray and thank God for providing. Enjoy a meal together. And talk – share – laugh, or even cry. Just be together.

If dinner is not an option for your family, find another way to huddle up. Maybe your time is on weekends eating out, or a bedtime story at the end of the day. You will be forever grateful that you found the time.