The FCS Family Shines Through

The Morales family was looking for a school that provided an excellent learning environment and strong academic requirements as well as biblical truth. Samara Morales said: “We wanted a school that would enhance the morals we were applying at home by learning how God prepares students for tomorrow and the future.” As a result of their choice to enroll their children at FCS,  Mr. and Mrs. Morales credit FCS for helping their daughter to recognize her own uniqueness because FCS encourages students to believe in the God-given gifts and talents they each have and to embrace those differences.”

When Miranda Morales’s older brother had a near-fatal accident several years ago, the character of the larger school family was demonstrated in a special way.

Experiencing the power of prayer.

Though she believed God would hear her prayers, the rising seventh grader couldn’t have imagined the support she and her family would receive from the Fredericksburg Christian School community.

“I said a prayer request for [my brother] during class and he kept getting worse and worse, and the next thing I know the whole school was praying for him, and he just got better and better,” said 12-year-old Miranda.

Prayer is a consistent part of FCS students’ experience. They pray as school begins, before lunch, and in the afternoon. Students can share special prayer requests and participate in weekly group worship during chapel.

“[Miranda’s teacher] not only helped me by providing a comforting hug, by praying for my family and me, but she focused on my daughter’s needs, encouraging my child to pray and to lean on God during that difficult time,” said Samara Morales.

Learning to give back

Now Miranda is working to give back through the school that has given her so much. Among her many extra-curricular activities, she is part of the Interact Club.

Last year the club raised money to pay the water bill for a school in Mombasa, Kenya by baking and selling cupcakes. She also helped make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to feed local homeless people.

“I just like helping people,” said Miranda.

During Christmas, the FCS community participates in Samaritan’s Purse’s Operation Christmas Child where they collect toys for children in need. Miranda and her parents filled a toy box to help the cause.

“The children at FCS are not perfect, you’re going to have the same problems you have in a public school. The difference for us is resolving conflict in a Christ-like manner, and that’s what you get at FCS,” said Tony Morales.

Miranda wants to continue giving back and plans to do so by becoming a pediatrician, but the foundation of her education and important personal growth will come from FCS.