Faculty Q&A | Jerry Gideon | Computer

How long have you been teaching at Fredericksburg Christian School (FCS)?

18 years

And what do you teach?

Computer Classes, grades 6-12

What do you love about our school?

The fact that I can freely discuss The Lord and/or pray with my students any time. Also that I get to do something I love doing every day.

What motivated you to become a teacher at FCS?

I love the whole atmosphere and working with great people. While that sounds a bit “sweet”, it’s how I feel! Talking to the Foss’ during my interview and visiting a beautiful facility are what attracted me to want to teach at Fredericksburg Christian Schools.

How do you teach a Christian Worldview in your classes?

I often find myself suggesting to students the difference in the way a Christian might handle a situation versus the way most unsaved people might respond to the same situation.

What is unique about yourself–something that shapes the learning experience for your students?

First, I often talk of my own childhood experiences, being raised in a very permissive, non-Christian environment. Also, having survived a major head injury which left me with some disabilities has given me a huge compassion for students with learning issues.

What sets FCS students apart from those at other schools?

The fact that most of them know The Lord, which typically enhances their performance and behavior in the classroom.

Our tagline is: Educating Christian leaders. For life. How do you accomplish that as a faculty member?

By causing me to teach my students how to treat others in the workforce and by my discussing what they might expect once they graduate.

What do you want students to gain from having known you?

That it’s awesome to love other Christians and to think and care for others and not just themselves. Also, to seek careers which best utilize their gifts and talents, along with their Spiritual gifts, such that they will love what they do and look forward to going to work each and every day!