Pre-K4 Curriculum Guide

Pre-K4 Curriculum Guide Offers More than Motor Skills

This pre-k4 curriculum guide provides an overview of the opportunities each student will have during their time in the Pre-K4 program at Fredericksburg Christian School. Our curriculum is designed specifically for young learners, helping to keep them actively involved throughout the learning process, while also focusing on their individual needs.
Theme based instruction and Bible based curriculum, allows for the combination of a hands-on approach through daily teaching and learning centers.
Teachers work to build an early foundation within the Word of God and Christian concepts, helping each student, build a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our Preschool staff is committed to providing a loving and nurturing educational program for every student. We hope the following information is helpful in answering your questions.

A Bible Based Education beginning in Pre-K4

Parents and families are welcome to join chapel whenever possible. Classes take turns sharing a song at chapel and students are awarded chapel awards.
The Bible based curriculum uses age appropriate examples of Biblical truths. Character qualities are integrated into the daily activities and lessons. Each weekly lesson includes a Bible verse that supports the Biblical principles.

Topics in the Pre-K4 Curriculum Guide include:

  • The Wordless Book
  • Creation
  • God Helps Me Grow
  • God Gives Me Helpers
  • God’s Promises for Me
  • Heroes of the Bible
  • Old and New Testament stories
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Easter

Skill Building at with Fredericksburg Christian

Fine Motor Skills – In class development of motor skills includes holding a pencil, using scissors, crayons, and glue.
Gross Motor Skills – Opportunities to improve motor skills include balancing, galloping, and skipping.
Practical Skills – These skills include learning how to say first and last names as well as current age.
Social/Emotional Skills – Through teacher guided instruction and example the students are taught appropriate social and emotional skills, such as respect, feelings, and good self-image.
Listening Skills – Classroom interaction, strengthens listening skills and extends attention span responding to questions about stories.
Self-Reliance Skills – Through teacher-guided instruction the students will be encouraged to become more independent.
Speaking Skills – At circle time, story time and with teacher and peer interaction the student will be encouraged to wait for a turn, use sentences, and speak clearly.
Math Readiness – The curriculum provides instruction and practice of math readiness skills including learning numbers, categorizing objects, and rote counting.
Reading Readiness – The reading curriculum is based on a phonemic and phonics approach. The children receive instruction and practice readiness skills to prepare them to be readers.
Work Habits – Through teacher observation the students are evaluated on the development of appropriate work habits.  Following directions, working in small groups, and not disrupting class are all learned within the program.


Field trips and special events are used as part of our curriculum and are coordinated with the current units being studied in class.  For fall unit students visit the pumpkin patch and for Fire Safety Month students visit the local fire station. Students visit the Bug Box for the insect unit, and for a mission unit’s students will visit nursing homes.
Special Events offer exciting activities including grandparent’s day, Christmas chapel, and a family picnic.

Learn more about the Pre-K4 Curriculum and Program at Fredericksburg Christian School

Fredericksburg Christian Schools is dedicated to providing the best Bible based preschool program for your student. Interested in learning more about this Pre-K4 program in Fredericksburg, VA? With two preschool locations in Fredericksburg and Stafford, we welcome you and your family to visit.  Please give our admission office a call at (540) 373-5355 to learn more or set up a tour.

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