First Grade Curriculum Guide

The First Grade Year

We are focused on our mission of training the next generation of Christian leaders and we know it is vital that we offer them the best academic program possible in keeping with God’s excellent character and expectations. This guide is intended to provide an overview of the curriculum at the first grade level in order for you to understand what students are taught during this year at FCS.

As part of our partnership with parents, we desire for you to be informed and involved in your child’s education. We hope that this information is helpful. You are encouraged to talk with the school’s principal or a first grade teacher for more information.

Curriculum Design

A biblical worldview integration is an important component of the curriculum at FCS. Our desire is for students to view every subject area as a way to better know the character of God and learn more about His creation, mankind, moral order and purpose for our lives. Both Christian and secular textbooks are used to develop in students a biblical worldview and teach them wisdom, discernment and critical thinking in all things. Areas of study include;

A Christian Education in First Grade

We are committed to the study of God’s Word in all our subjects and its application to our lives as the foundation for living a joyful, victorious Christian life. Daily Bible class is an essential part of spiritual development at FCS. We ultimately desire that every student discovers and strengthens a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and develops a biblical worldview.

Students read and study the Bible, sing Bible songs, memorize Scripture verses and discuss Christian character and missions.

Topics studied in Bible class include:

  • Gospel message through the Wordless Book
  • Patriarchs
  • Joseph
  • Moses
  • Life of Christ
  • Forgiveness: Whiter Than Snow

Core Classes

  • Language Arts
    • At the first grade level, students learn phonics as a key to sounding out and reading words. Students practice reading skills in small groups throughout the year, along with vocabulary-building and comprehension skills.
    • In English, students study the structure of sentences including parts of speech, types of sentences, vocabulary, grammar, usage and mechanics. Opportunities are given regularly for students to write about a variety of topics and experience the complete writing process.
    • Spelling words are learned on a weekly basis, and students are given the opportunity to participate in the ACSI Spelling Bee every year. Handwriting is also taught and emphasized daily.
  • Social Studies
    • History, geography, culture, economics, and current events are the foundation of the Social Studies program where students learn about God’s providence in His world. First grade topics of study include My Family, Community, State and Country; Christopher Columbus; Native Americans; Jamestown and Plymouth. The continent study is Africa.
  • Science
    • The basic principles of the scientific method are illustrated during the year. First graders specifically study several subjects including tame & wild animals, air & weather, magnets, simple machines, sound, and teeth.
  •  Mathematics
    • First grade emphasis is placed in several key area: addition and subtraction, numbers and place value, measurement, data analysis, time, money, and geometry.


  •  Physical Education
    • In Physical Education class, offered twice each week, students learn to appreciate the abilities of the human body and are taught the importance of care of the body. Students also learn and practice skills in a variety of team, individual and lifetime sports.
  • Fine Arts
    • Music and art are held once a week as a way to explore foundational elements of each unique art.  Music develops rhythm, melody, tone, style and harmony. Art works to progress students in line, shape, space, texture and color.
  • Library
    • Students attend weekly library class where they explore literary topics such as the parts of a book, authors and illustrators, listening skills, genres, research skills and overall literature appreciation. It also provides them the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the library and gain responsibility through returning and checking out books.
  • Computer
    • Students receive training in hardware and technology basics, digital citizenship, research skills, word processing and presentation application. They explore various venues that are available to create digital projects and the methods they practice are used the classroom to enhance the learning of curriculum. They train and practice using digital resources safely, ethically, and morally to impact our world for Jesus Christ.
  • Field Trips and Special Events
  • Field trips and special events are also a major part of our curriculum and are coordinated with the current curriculum units.  These include ACSI Spelling Bee, Visual Arts Festival, Maymont Park, Richmond Children’s Museum, George Washington’s Ferry Farm, Field Day, Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day and a nursing home visit.

All parents are welcome to attend our chapels for worship and sharing about God’s Word and its application to our lives.

Learn more about our First Grade program at Fredericksburg Christian School

Interested in learning more about Fredericksburg Christian School and their first grade program? If you’re looking to introduce your student to a bible based education, we believe this is the place for you.  Give us a call at (540) 373-5355 to learn more.  Ready to learn more about applying to Fredericksburg Christian School?


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