Pre-K3 Curriculum Guide

What Your Child Will Learn

Our curriculum guide is designed to assist you in gaining an understanding of what students in Pre-K3 are taught. The curriculum is developed specifically for young learners, keeping them actively involved in the learning process, and focusing on their individual needs.

Teachers use theme based instruction, incorporating a hands-on approach in daily teaching and learning centers are an integral part of the classroom experience. They work to build an early foundation in the Word of God and Christian concepts while building a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Preschool staff is committed to offering a loving and nurturing educational program for each student. We hope you find this information helpful in answering your questions. For more details, we encourage you to talk to the Director or Early Education.

A Christian Education in Pre-K3

Chapel is age appropriate and the parents and families are encouraged to join us. Classes take turns sharing a song at chapel and students are awarded chapel awards. Guest speakers are invited to share.

The Bible curriculum, using age appropriate examples of Biblical truths and character qualities, is integrated into the daily activities and lessons. Each weekly lesson includes a Bible verse that supports the Biblical principles.

Topics studied include:

  • The Wordless Book
  • Creation
  • God Helps Me Grow
  • God Gives Me Helpers
  • God’s Promises for Me
  • Heroes of the Bible
  • Miracles of Jesus
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas
  • Easter

Field trips and special events are also a major part of our curriculum and are coordinated with the current curriculum units.  As part of units students visit the pumpkin patch and for Fire Safety Month students visit the local fire station.

Special Events offer enriching activities including grandparent’s day, Christmas chapel, and a family picnic.

In Class Skill Building

Fine Motor Skills – In class development of motor skills includes painting, building blocks, coloring, etc.

Gross Motor Skills – Opportunities to improve motor skills include jumping in place, kicking a ball, and hopping on one foot.

Readiness Skills – The curriculum includes activities that encourage reading, math and conceptual readiness. This includes learning colors, shapes, and body parts.

Social/Emotional Skills – Through teacher guided instruction and example the students are taught appropriate social and emotional skills. Learning respect, sharing, and concern for others helps each student to grow and learn in a safe and caring environment!

Listening Skills – Classroom interaction including listening to stories and answering questions, gives students the opportunity to strengthen their listening skills.

Music Skills – During group and individual activities the student will be encouraged to develop their music skills through group singing and repeating rhythms.

Self-Reliance Skills – Through teacher-guided instruction the students will be encouraged to become more independent.

Speaking Skills – At circle time, story time and with teacher and peer interaction the student will be encouraged to speak clearly, answer questions, and expand their vocabulary.

Art Skills – Students develop art skills through participating in art activities, using material properly, and cleaning up after each project.


Learn more about our Pre-K3 program at Fredericksburg Christian School

Fredericksburg Christian Schools is dedicated to providing the best Bible based education for every age. Interested in learning more about this unique Pre-K3 program in Fredericksburg, VA? With this preschool located in Fredericksburg, we would love to speak with you and give you a tour.  Please give us a call at (540) 373-5355 to learn more.

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