Faculty Q&A | Mardi Antosh | 5th Grade

How long have you been teaching at Fredericksburg Christian School (FCS)?

23 years

And what do you teach?

5th grade

What is the best part of your job?

The students

What motivated you to become a teacher at FCS?

To teach integrating faith in the Lord Jesus in every subject. I worked at a Christian school previously in Florida, and when our children began attending here, Andy Foss asked me to teach in the middle school.

How do you incorporate a Christian worldview in your classroom?

I want my students to see how the world views history and how the Bible is our foundation to defend our faith.

What is unique about yourself–something that shapes the learning experience for your students?

I grew up overseas in Germany and attended English schools in London until the eighth grade. I still draw from those experiences.

What sets FCS students apart from those at other schools?

Their relationships with Christ.

Our tagline is: Educating Christian leaders. For life. How do you accomplish that as a faculty member?

I pray my students will continue to live out their faith as they enter college and gain independence. The choices they make now begin to set a foundation for their future choices. Learning Biblical solutions for peacemaking in their relationships now is key.

What do you want students to gain from having known you?

The love of words, reading, and learning.