Leaders Grooming Leaders

Caleb Eames graduated from FCS in 1995, and nearly 21 years later, he still believes that Fredericksburg Christian School was the most influential step that prepared him for his future. In his experience, FCS prepares leaders, and the course of his future was shaped by this FCS commitment. In his words, “We are living in a time when our nation needs

Emma Angstadt

A Second Grader Living Out Her Dream

Emma Angstadt is full of dreams. She wants to be a firefighter, a police girl, a broker, or a teaching doctor. But the one she is already living out is the one most would call too impossible to ever reach—a movie actor. In her movie debut, Emma Angstadt, a second grader at Fredericksburg Christian School, found herself two trailers down

A Journey Propelled by Faith

Carmen Moyer graduated from Fredericksburg Christian School in 2008, and went on to Bridgewater College as a Health and Exercise Science major, with a minor in Spanish. She finished her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2011. Following her undergraduate work, she completed a Master of Science in exercise and sports science at East Carolina University in 2014. For Carmen, FCS

An Investment of the Heart | The Neve Family Story

We all know people who will go the extra mile. Once in a while, we find someone who goes even further. Mr. and Mrs. Neve truly exemplify the meaning of going above and beyond for the good of their community. They made an amazing commitment to shape the life of a young girl in Stafford – their neighbor Stacy. When

Athletic Director

New Athletic Director

FCS will benefit from the leadership of Luke Sellers and his deep ties to our community along with an impressive athletic history. Luke brings important leadership by caring deeply about both values and skill development.

The First Day of Kindergarten–Together

The first day of kindergarten is a day your child will always remember. At Fredericksburg Christian School, YOU will remember it too, because you get to experience it with them. Even though you’ve toured the school (if you haven’t had a tour yet, call us!), that first day at kindergarten is a special one, and children and parents alike benefit

High School Curriculum Guide

FREDERICKSBURG CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL 2017-18 Academic Handbook and High School Curriculum Guide The purpose of this handbook and high school curriculum guide is to describe in general terms the courses taught at Fredericksburg Christian High School. Students, in conjunction with their parents, should select courses of study that will prepare them for the future. The handbook covers all of the

Pre-K4 Curriculum Guide

Pre-K4 Curriculum Guide Offers More than Motor Skills This pre-k4 curriculum guide provides an overview of the opportunities each student will have during their time in the Pre-K4 program at Fredericksburg Christian School. Our curriculum is designed specifically for young learners, helping to keep them actively involved throughout the learning process, while also focusing on their individual needs. Theme based

Third Grade Curriculum Guide

Third Grade Learning Experiences Fredericksburg Christian School is focused on our mission of training the next generation of Christian leaders, we strive to offer them the best academic program possible in keeping with God’s excellent character and expectations. This curriculum guide is intended to provide an overview of the program at each grade level in order for you to understand