6 Tips on How to Grow Your Relationship With Your Grandchildren

Not too long ago, grandparents were like an extension of the nuclear family, regularly participating in daily activities like meals, attending church together, and helping out around the house. Involvement with the grandchildren was seamless, as most grandparents lived close to their children and grandchildren, often in the same house. Times have changed.  Now, it had become so important that

Age-Appropriate Chores to Fit Any Family

Getting help around the house is somewhat of a chore, in and of itself, as tasks that need to be done won’t always fit your “cleaning crew” and their set of abilities; thus, the need for age-appropriate chores grows alongside your family. Small children generally love helping with anything you’re doing, and older children are more likely to need a

6 Great Summer Activities You Can Do at Home

With lazy, hazy days ahead, finding summer activities for kids can be a definite challenge. Instead of caving to their plaintive pleas to cruise the Internet and zone out in front of a video game, gather up some great ideas to keep them active, involved, and learning. Here are 6 of our favorite ideas for making this summer vacation about

Quality Time With Your Grandchildren

We’ve all heard the cliche’ about how we spend time with those we love – quality over quantity. When it comes to spending quality time with your grandchildren, this can take on a whole new meaning.  While we may feel pressure to spoil our grandchildren with lavish gifts, special treats, and other extravagances, this is not necessary to develop a

FCS Alumna Teacher and The Last Great Race®

March can be a tough time of year for teachers.  The kids are tired.  Teachers are tired.  The routine has become a bit mundane – how about the Last Great Race®? But for FCS teacher alumna, Heidi Montague Sloan, and her 5th grade students, March is something to look forward to. The Last Great Race®! And next school year this event

Why Settle 3,400 Miles Away?

You never know how much influence you may have on a person. Or how many people or cultures that could be impacted by that influence. This is the case with Jesse Zimmerman ’07, who has settled 3,400 miles away from his hometown of Fredericksburg, VA.

A Life Forever Changed

A J Addison’s (’13) story started out like many others – he was struggling in school and his future wasn’t looking bright. His mother made a decision that will forever change his life.

Child learning in a faith based education

Important Announcement

For the 2017-2018 school year, FCS has made the decision to consolidate its two preschool through 5th grade campuses. The Lower School Campus located at 2231 Jefferson Davis Highway Fredericksburg, VA 22401, will welcome the Stafford Campus students onto its campus beginning August 2017. To help make this transition easier for our Stafford families,  FCS will provide free bus transportation

girls walking down a path

Teaching Our Children to be Thankful

Thankfulness can sometimes elude us. In a world filled with negative news and frustrating situations, we can become bogged down by it all. Maybe that is why God instructs us to be thankful, because it is often something we consciously have to do.