Day Care vs. Pre-Schools

One of the most frustrating things about shopping for daytime care for young children is sorting through your options. Not all centers are created equal, which makes it difficult to compare them side by side, and there’s a lot more to consider than the price tag

Students within a college prep curriculum

Understanding College Prep Curriculum

There is a wide range of information concerning getting ready for college on the Internet, with most information leaning towards tips for being prepared. However, there is less discussion on choosing a college prep curriculum, with the focus primarily on STEM classes (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Usually this is done without incorporating the various aspects of proper citizenship, good student conduct, and personal discipline that it takes to accomplish

Why Choose Christian Preschool for Your Child

When looking for a preschool, you must consider more than just the school’s approach to curriculum and discipline. There are big differences between your average preschool and a high-quality Christian preschool, and other qualities to look for beyond the class size and great facilities.