Variable Tuition FAQs

Answers to the top questions.

Will currently enrolled students receive priority over new students applying for Variable Tuition?

YES. Current FCS students will have priority over new applicants provided all deadlines are met.
FACTS GRANT & AID will provide an evaluation via an online application which must be completed
each year. Tax returns are required. No aid will be awarded without a completed application.

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Do I still need to apply to FCS for admission of my children?

YES. The admission process is separate from the financial aid process. New families must submit
an application before applying for variable tuition.

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If I am eligible am I assured enrollment for my student?

All new students must meet conduct and academic standards for admissions. Each applicant must
go through the application process, testing, and interview. Admission standards will be the same for
all students regardless of the financial aid application process. Enrollment is also based upon space
available in the grade for the upcoming year.

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Will a Variable Tuition request hurt the likelihood of acceptance?

Determination of tuition levels is a separate function from our admissions process. Families should
not hesitate to apply for tuition assistance out of concern that it might impact their child’s acceptance
into our school.

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What kind of economic situation is typical for families paying below the highest tuition level?

Family circumstances range widely. Aid is awarded based on need. Factors such as sources of
income, expenses, number of students in the family and cost of living in our area are considered.
While some families can afford only minimal tuition, others can afford to pay full tuition.

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Do some Variable Tuition families pay nothing for tuition?

All families will be required to pay something as an investment in their child’s Christian education. In
fact, no family awarded variable tuition will receive more than a 50% discount.

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What expenses are there other than tuition?

Even with reduced tuition, families will still be responsible to pay the $100 per child school
application fee. Each student will incur expenses such as lunch, extracurricular activities, technology
fee, activity fee, school supplies, and wardrobe/dress code compliant clothing.

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Do I apply for Variable Tuition each year?

YES. Priority is given to returning families. The online application must be resubmitted each year
along with the appropriate tax returns and other documents.

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Will FCS offer tuition assistance to students because they excel in athletics?

We do not give athletic scholarships. The entire Variable Tuition program is a needs-based program
that relies solely on the family’s ability to pay. Some of our students receiving Variable Tuition may
be athletes but their athletic ability is not the reason for the award.

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Is FCS giving tuition away and bending over backwards to boost enrollment?

We do have space in our classrooms but only students who fit our enrollment requirements will be
considered. Potential students must still meet our behavioral and academic standards to be

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Will the addition of new students lead to larger classes and lower levels of instruction?

Fredericksburg Christian School has established grade level appropriate teacher/student ratios for
each class to ensure the highest level of classroom instruction and discipline. We will accept
students that meet our standards within those ratios. If we have more students at a grade level than
our ratio allows, we may open additional sections. However, we will not overfill classrooms to the
detriment of instruction.

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