Timeless Values.
Tomorrow’s Leaders.

We believe that leaders are men and women of God.

We live in a region with abundant history; a place where the founders of our country—effective and God-centered leaders—declared independence, sewed a flag for thirteen colonies, and founded a country free of tyranny. As Christian faculty and staff, we believe that we are inspiring the same Christ-led courage, character, and leadership that has been seen throughout history.

Twenty years ago the FCS Board of Directors made a prayerful decision that all Fredericksburg campuses would, one day, exist in one place on Thornton Rolling Road. In recent years, Fredericksburg Christian School has outgrown the Lower School facility, and it’s become clear that we need an Elementary school building at the now called Foss Christian Education Center. Through a feasibility study we discovered that $2,030,000 should be raised in our capital campaign: Timeless Values. Tomorrow’s Leaders. Once completed, we will be one step closer to fulfilling our commitment to a single location for our Fredericksburg campus. And, we will be better equipped for educating Christian leaders for life.

Four Projects

  • New Elementary School

    In Phase 1, we’ll need $3,640,000 to build enough classrooms to accommodate current classes at the Lower School. In addition, it will provide space for offices, elementary administration, a nurse, essential library space, and a common area for meetings and chapels. Plus, we’ll be blessed with an outdoor facility, an indoor gymnasium, and a safer overall campus.

  • Road Improvements

    For grades 6-12, $384,000 will provide the widening and resurfacing of Thornton Rolling Road. Combined with VDOT’s addition of a fully-functioning traffic light at its intersection with Rt. 17, this area will be much safer and more pleasant to traverse.

  • New Athletic Fields

    $312,000 will allow us to relocate and dramatically improve the current athletic fields. This will benefit all of our Upper School students through PE class and participation in competitive interscholastic sports.

  • Additional Parking

    Additional parking spaces (200+) will be created with $251,000. This will allow for growth of both the Upper School and Elementary School, and provide better traffic flow and a higher level of safety.

Stories of Impact

Meet Jessica

When Jessica Ledoux ’09 graduated from FCS, she knew interior design was her future. Now an Interior Designer at Baskervill—named among the top 100 design giants in the country—Jessica is realizing her dream.

“Fredericksburg Christian School is an education that you really can’t describe in words,” says Jessica. “It’s a school that values preparing your children to have a successful life centered around faith—a life about giving back.”

Meet Joseph

An international student from Kenya, and the class president, Joseph plays on the soccer and baseball teams, serves on the Student Council and ACSI Leadership Team, is a member of the National Honor Society and Pro-Life Club, and maintains an A average.

“Being part of the ACSI Leadership Team has been a blast for me. Just having the spiritual support of friends and teachers, being surrounded by people who love the Lord, and having friends willing to pray for you has been very up-lifting. Chapel is very encouraging, especially the worship team, which spreads the love of God passionately through music.” -Joseph

An Invitation

Timeless Values. Tomorrow’s Leaders. is a celebration of the achievements the school has experiences in the past, as well as the goals it has established for the future. With your support, FCS will continue to provide a strong academic program with Christian character and biblical truth integrated into evert area, in order that students develop a lifelong Christians worldview.

“If there has ever been an urgent need to train the Godly change agents of our culture, is is now. It is the family and friends of FCS who will help us to deposit these Timeless Values into Tomorrow’s Leaders through this campaign.”
– Rick Yost

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From Our Parents and Students

“Teachers are Very Invested”

I think it felt like home when I came in … Once I was here I realized that all the teachers are very invested in the students.

-Kuliasha Family

“Academically Has All the Challenges”

It’s great to have a school that academically has all the challenges, but also all the different activities … and we wanted something that was from a Christian Worldview.

-Chang Family